CME Group Mayoral Award for Student Achievement (CME MASA)

Chicago Public Schools counselors, college and career coaches, and teachers will have the opportunity to nominate up to five (5) high school seniors from their school to be considered for the CME Group Center for Innovation Mayoral Award for Student Achievement scholarship. The nominated students must have outstanding academic performance in math; business or finance classes; involvement in extracurricular activities; overall excellent academic achievement and be considered leaders of their class. A strong interest in a business or business-related field is required. This can be evidenced as a planned college major in business or in a business-related field.

Website: CME Group Mayoral Award for Students

Scholarship Qualifications:

  • Chicago Public School high school senior
  • MUST be nominated by school principal or counselor or college and career coach
  • Career goal/college major in business or a business related field
  • A minimum grade-point average of 3.0, grades of B or better in math, economics, finance or accounting classes
  • Excellent attendance (90% or higher)

Nomination/Selection process: CPS high schools may nominate up to 5 students for this scholarship and multiple award recipients per school is possible.

Renewable: No

Open to DREAMers: Only those who have completed the Deferred Action process (also known as DACA) and have obtained a SSN

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For questions or concerns email CPS Scholarship Manager at:

Supplemental Questions
  1. Is your career goal/college major in business or a business related field?
  2. You are required to list your work history (if applicable); involvement in extra-curricular activities; community service, and awards and honors received.
  3. Have you applied and/or been accepted to college? If so, please list three colleges you have applied to, listing in rank order, your top choice. Please include the date you applied and if you were accepted.
    • Name of College
    • Name of College
    • Name of College
  4. Official Transcript Required
  5. Reference Request: Please provide the name and email address of a math, business, finance or accounting teacher.
    • Name and Email Address
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