Suzy Denvir Scholarship (For Daniel H. Williams Prep School of Medicine)

Description: An annual $5,000 renewable scholarship will be awarded to honor the memory of Suzy Denvir.
Purpose: The purpose of the Suzy Denvir Scholarship is to motivate and ultimately reward students that have strived to better their life through academics. Most importantly, the student should exemplify a love of learning, including but not limited to literature and history. Suzy always rooted for the underdog in life and loved to help people overcome obstacles. As such, we would like to see this scholarship help someone fulfill those goals.

Recipient Selection: The annual recipient of the Suzy Denvir Scholarship will be selected by a voluntary committee selected by the Principal of DHW Prep School of Medicine @ DuSable Campus (“The Principal”). The recipient must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a graduating senior of DHW Prep High School of Medicine @ DuSable Campus who can verify acceptance to an accredited College or University;
  2. Must have a minimum grade point average of 2.8, (unweighted on a 4 point scale);
  3. Must submit two (2) letters of recommendation from teachers with direct knowledge of your academic work; and
  4. Must submit a short essay (2 page maximum) that describes himself/herself and his/her academic goals.

Open to Dreamers: Yes
Renewable: Yes, $5,000 per year if the student maintains a minimum 2.3 GPA throughout undergrad

For questions regarding this scholarship contact:

For support or inquiries regarding the application in Academic Works contact:

Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you attend Williams Medical Prep HS?
  2. Please provide the BEST email for you.
  3. Did you submit parent information on your General Application?
  4. Essay: What are your educational and career goals? Why are they important to you? (2 pages maximum)
  5. Provide a copy of your letter of acceptance from the college or university you plan to attend in the fall.
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