Global Citizen Year Fellowship

Organization & Fellowship Overview:
Global Citizen Year puts our Fellows a world ahead so they can, in turn, move the world ahead. The year between high school and college is the most critical developmental moment in a young person’s life. Recognized by societies and religions alike, this transition – when done by design and not by default – can become a transformation.

Each year we recruit and train a talented and diverse corps of high school graduates from across America and beyond and support them through a school-year long immersion in communities in India, Brazil, Ecuador and Senegal. As Fellows, they live with a local family and work as apprentices supporting efforts in education, health, and the environment. Through training, coaching and structured reflection our Fellows develop skills and perspectives that guide their education, shape their character, and inform their leadership. By staying longer and going deeper than typical study abroad or travel programs, our Fellows learn to speak to their hosts in their own language, and to see the world through new eyes. They gain the experience they need to solve real problems, the perspective they need to see new opportunities and the network they need to make change happen.

Website: Global Citizen Year
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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

How to Apply:

  • Online Application
    Apply online in just 1-2 hours, and please indicate on your application that you are applying as part of the partnership with Chicago Public Schools. No test scores required!; while we ask for your GPA, it is not a significant factor in our selection decisions Our admissions process is designed to get to know you as a whole person, not a number.
  • Interview
    The strongest applicants are invited to interview with a member of our selection committee. This is your opportunity to share your story and ask questions about the program.
  • Admissions Decision
    For the CPS-Global Citizen Year Fellowship, we have two selection rounds. For those who apply by November 5, 2019, we will notify selected Fellows in December. For those who apply by February 5, 2020, we will notify selected Fellows in March.
  • Final Review
    (1) Select your country: We’ll provide a detailed country guide to help you confidently choose your destination.
    (2) Apply for financial aid: We offer both merit and need-based aid. For need-based aid, you’ll submit your FAFSA or CSS Profile and fill out a short form about your family’s financial situation.
    (3) Complete a medical form: Schedule a visit with your doctor to complete a medical form confirming that your health and well-being can be maintained during 8 months abroad.
  • Become a Fellow
    If you are selected as a recipient of the CPS-Global Citizen Year Fellowship, you’ll have 2 weeks to send in a $500 deposit and reserve your spot as a Fellow. Let the adventure begin!

Open to DREAMers: No
Questions? Please contact for more information

$10,000 - $32,000