BBB Embody Integrity Video Scholarship

Organization & Scholarship Description:
The Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois is looking for students who Embody Integrity. You can win a $2,500 scholarship towards higher education by producing a two (2) minute or less video, using the BBB Standards of Trust to demonstrate how one embodies integrity when making an ethical decision. The 2020 BBB Embody Integrity Video Scholarship is sponsored by the Educational Foundation of the Better Business Bureau Serving Chicago and Northern Illinois, a 501©(3) charitable organization.

Website: BBB Educational Foundation
Entry Guidelines & Application: Access Here
Informational Flyer: View Here

Please Note: The deadline has been extended to Friday, June 12, 2020.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a graduating high school senior or college student in the Chicago or Northern Illinois area.
  • No GPA requirement
  • Must complete the video submission process (see below).
  • A short-answer question is required to demonstrate financial need.
  • The contest theme is “Embody Integrity.” Using the BBB Standards of Trust, demonstrate how one embodies integrity when making an ethical decision. Show the dilemma, decision making process, and actions. All entries must reflect the theme.
  • Along with the actual submission, the entry form must be signed. By signing the entry form, the student acknowledges they have read and understood this rules and guidelines form, as well as the terms and conditions form. A submission without a signed entry form will be rejected.

Video Scholarship Cheat Sheet: View Here
Video and Image Release Form: Download Here
Video Submission: Entries must be submitted by May 1st, 2020 (by 4:30pm CDT) via the online entry form, where students will provide a YouTube link to their video. Top ten (10) finalists will then send or upload their video file. Applicants are solely responsible for their film production – this includes obtaining appropriate releases for all persons who appear on-camera, including minors and their parents/guardians, see provided release. If music is used in the video, the use of original music or royal­ty-free music is required. See royalty-free music links in the below Video Scholarship Cheat Sheet. Proper release forms must be presented for music with a copyright. Any material that is found without proper licensing will be rejected.

  • Video submission must two (2) minutes or less in length.
  • The submission must include the video title, student’s name, age, and current school.
  • Students can only enter one (1) originally produced video.
  • Entry must be new and original work.

Judging and Awards: A panel of judges will determine the top ten (10) finalists including the four (4) grand prize scholarship winners based on totals in the following categories.

  • Theme: How well does the entry express the theme of “Embody Integrity?” How does the video demonstrate the BBB Standards of Trust? How does the video demonstrate ethical decision making?
  • Communication: Is the entry comprehendible and easy to understand? How does the entry make the audience feel? How does the entry use humor, or other emotions?
  • Creativity/Originality: How innovative and artistic is the entry? How does the entry use storytelling?
  • Production: How well is the entry produced? (script, direction, camera movement, lighting, editing, etc.)
  • Need: A written of statement in one-hundred (100) words or less, students must explain their need for a $2,500 scholarship.
  • Community Service/Leadership: A written of statement in one-hundred (100) words or less, students must explain how they embody integrity through their community service and leadership experiences.

Renewable: No
Open to DREAMers: Yes
Questions? Please email