The HEAR Scholarship Foundation

Organization & Scholarship Overview:
The HEAR Scholarship Foundation’s mission is to provide financial and mentoring support to Chicagoland High School graduates of need, who have demonstrated academic excellence, commitment to community, and highest moral character in pursuing their dream of a college education. The HEAR Scholarship Foundation awards a $20,000 tuition scholarship to Chicagoland High School seniors from disadvantaged homes.

Website: HEAR Scholarship Foundation
Application: Access Here

Eligibility Requirements:

  • An unweighted GPA of at or above 3.0;
  • ACT scores of at or above 22 OR SAT scores of at or above 1100 (optional for c/o 2021);
  • Demonstrated financial need;
  • Excellent character, impeccable work ethic, and a demonstrated commitment to service;
  • Must be a U.S. citizen

Supporting Documents:

  1. High School Transcript
  2. Two (2) essays of 300-350 words maximum
  3. While it is not required, we do like to see community service
  4. FAFSA or Student Aid Report
  5. One (1) letter of recommendation (submitted by a counselor, teacher, or other professional who is qualified to comment on your academic and/or personal achievements and potential to succeed in college)

Open to DREAMers: No
Renewable: Yes, a HEAR Scholarship is renewable each semester/trimester for a period of four-years. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher (and send in transcripts at the end of each semester/trimester). They must also commit to maintaining regular contact with both HEAR Staff and their assigned mentor.
Contact Information: If you have any questions, please email