Aramark Scholarship for Chicago Public Schools Hospitality & Culinary Arts Students (in memoriam to Denzel Thornton)

Organization Overview & Scholarship Description:
Chicago Public Schools students are increasingly engaged in a myriad of academic advancements. With the advent of modern technology in addition to hands-on training, students are better prepared to embrace real world challenges and take full advantage of opportunities to further their academic and professional growth. To that end, Aramark has developed a scholarship program designed to provide financial assistance for graduating seniors interested in continuing their educational advancement in the culinary arts and hospitality fields. Non-renewable scholarships totaling of $50,000 will be awarded to ten (10) students in the amount of $5,000 each. The selection committee will choose those best representing the criterion delineated in these guidelines. In honor of our colleague, Denzel Thorton, who was a graduate of Corliss H.S. and the CTE Culinary Program, we honor his passion for the culinary arts and his commitment to giving back to Chicago and the youth of this city; by renaming the scholarship in his memory.

Program Goal: Aramark proudly supports students who exemplify the skills and abilities required to achieve greatness. As a committed community stakeholder, Aramark is committed to assisting students become responsible citizens, who may in the future give back to the Chicago community that nurtured their growth and development.

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Important Note: Ensure you follow up with the counselors/teacher who you requested in your General Application and/or Supplemental Questions to submit a recommendation and/or transcript on your behalf.

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Website: Aramark

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must attend a Chicago Public high school
  • Have an unweighted GPA of 2.5
  • Have demonstrated leadership ability through past/present participation in community service, extracurricular and/or other activities;
  • Be enrolled in a CTE Culinary or Hospitality course/program OR can provide a college letter of acceptance into a hospitality or culinary arts major.
    (Note: Students who are NOT in a CTE program WILL BE CONSIDERED for this program IF the student plans to pursue a major in hospitality or culinary arts.)

Renewable: No
Open to DREAMers: Yes

For questions or concerns regarding this scholarship program please contact:

Questions about completing the application? please email CPS Scholarship Manger at

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently enrolled in a CTE culinary arts course? *Students currently enrolled in a CTE culinary arts course have preferred status.
  2. Are you currently enrolled in a CTE hospitality management course? *Students currently enrolled in a CTE hospitality management course have preferred status.
  3. REFERENCE REQUEST 1 OF 2: Please provide a recommendation regarding COMMUNITY SERVICE (social worker, church or community leader, or an adult who has worked with the student in a community service capacity), it should describe the students role and leadership capabilities. (The recommendation cannot come from a relative).
    • Name and Email Address
  4. REFERENCE REQUEST 2 OF 2: Please provide a recommendation from ONE of the following: CPS CTE Culinary Arts or Hospitality Management Instructor (if student is in one of the preferred CTE programs); a CPS INSTRUCTOR OR COUNSELOR/COLLEGE AND CAREER COACH. The recommendation needs to indicate student's interest in pursuing a culinary arts or hospitality management post-secondary program. Description should include student's leadership skills and commitment to academic excellence. (The recommendation cannot come from a relative.)
    • Name and Email Address
  5. Please upload your college letter of acceptance. The letter of acceptance or proof must come from a regionally accredited two or four-year institution of higher learning.
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