Chicago Public Schools Student Science Fair, Inc. Scholarships

Scholarship Overview:
Since 1956, the CPS Student Science Fair, Inc., has awarded more than 2,000 scholarships, valued at over $4,000,000 to students from 72 Chicago public high schools. Any prospective June 2022 CPS high school graduate who has participated in CPS science fairs (during grades 7-12) at an area or the city level and/or the symposium/essay competition and who is planning to major in a STEM field is eligible to apply for a cash grant or scholarship. The Scholarship Committee, representing business and education, selects recipients on the basis of participation in the Chicago Public Schools Science Fair, scholastic achievement, future goals, and personal interviews.

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Please Note: Ensure you follow up with the counselors/teacher who you requested in your General Application and/or Supplemental Questions to submit a recommendation and/or transcript on your behalf.

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Website: CPS Student Science Fair, Inc. Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Open to graduating seniors (class of 2022)
  • Applicants must have participated in the CPS Exhibition of Student STEM Research (previously known as the CPS Student Science Fair) during grades 7-12
  • Applicants must intend to major in a STEM related field

Required Documents:

  1. Provide a recent black-and-white or color photograph of yourself.
  2. This application must be accompanied by an official transcript. Transcripts and accompanying data must:
    a. Differentiate among regular, honors, and advanced placement courses.
    b. Include first semester 12th-grade classes and grades.
    c. Designate actual or approximate class rank and grade point average.
    d. Show 11th-grade SAT or ACT Scores. NOTE: If transcript does not contain scores, students may attach a score report in the supplemental questions.
  3. Complete and upload your Science Fair participation chart to outline every year since 7th grade during which you have participated in science fair activities beyond the school level.
  4. Include one (1) letter of recommendation from one of your STEM teacher(s). The letter of recommendation should contain specific comments about your individual achievements, your unique abilities in the areas of STEM; and how likely you are to pursue a career in STEM.
  5. Provide a personal essay * (between 200 and 400 words in length) which addresses the following questions:
    a. How have STEM and STEM Fairs influenced your life?
    b. Where will STEM take you in the future?
    *Essays must be typed. Each page should be numbered and the student’s last name should appear in the top left margin.

Open to DREAMers: Yes
Renewable: Varies; university scholarships are renewable but cash grants are not.
Questions? Please email the CPS Scholarship Manager at

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you participated or are now participating in the CPS Exhibition of Student STEM Research (previously known as the CPS Student Science Fair) during grades 7-12 ?
  2. In which high school course(s) are you most interested and explain why?
  3. What is your intended college major?
  4. For what occupation do you wish to prepare?
  5. Describe your most recent STEM Research project.
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