JEH Foundation Educational Scholarship

The JEH Foundation encourages all young people to continue their education. We want to help eligible high school and college students who have been financially affected by Pancreatic Cancer. The primary purpose of the JEH Foundation is to provide financial assistance for deserving high school and college students that have been impacted by pancreatic cancer. The awarded scholar must have goals for further education and selection will be based on financial need and educational merit.

Website:JEH Foundation Educational Scholarship

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Minimum unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Graduating high school senior (class of 2015)
  • Student should have been impacted by cancer (parent, legal guardian or self)

Renewable: No

Open to DREAMers: Unknown

Supplemental Questions
  1. Official Transcript Required
  2. Academic recommendation with contact information from a teacher, counselor, or other educational reference.
    • Name and Email Address
  3. You are required to list your work history (if applicable); involvement in extra-curricular activities; community service, and awards and honors received.
  4. If you have applied to college, please list the schools you have applied to and if you have been accepted and are receiving school-based scholarships.
  5. Family/Household Income
    • Father's Income
    • Guardian's Income
    • Mother's Income
    • Parent(s) marital status
    • Total household income
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