CPS STEM Exhibition Scholarship (Science Fair)

Any prospective June CPS high school graduate who has participated in CPS science fairs (during grades 7-12) at an area or the city level and/or the symposium/essay competition and who is planning to major in a STEM field is eligible to apply for a cash grant or scholarship. The Scholarship Committee, representing business and education, selects recipients on the basis of participation in the Chicago Public Schools Science Fair, scholastic achievement, future goals, and personal interviews. The completed application with required documents is due at11:59pm on Friday, May 10, 2024.

The completed applications will be judged based on several criteria, including the student’s pursuit of a major in a STEM related field, the amount of science fair participation, and level of achievement, academic profile (such as type of courses and grades, class rank, and standardized test results), personal essay, and letter(s) of recommendation. The scholarship recipients will be selected by the committee to discuss their candidacy. A formal presentation of scholarships takes place at a virtual awards ceremony to honor the recipients.

Early Applications are highly encouraged

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*Do you attend a CPS Charter School? Click Here to Access the Charter Student Application & Instructions

*Complete Parent Consent Form, https://cpsscifair.org/
*Official Transcript Required
*Head-shot photograph
*Copy of your ACT/SAT score report
*One Letters of Recommendations, can be sent to CollegeScholarships@cps.edu, include student name and scholarship name
*Personal Essay

Awards range from Cash Grants ranging from $50 to $10,000 including but not limited to:
- DePaul University, $8,000/year renewable for 4 years
- Illinois Tech, $6,000/year renewable for 4 years
- Loyola University Chicago, $2,000/year renewable for 4 years
- University of Chicago, $2,000/year renewable for 4 years
- University of Illinois at Chicago Honors College, full tuition renewable for 4 years
- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, $2,000/year renewable for 4 years"

$50 - $10,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Official Transcript Required
  2. Upload an appropriate black/white OR color head-shot photograph
  3. Please upload a copy of your ACT/SAT score report
  4. Letters of Recommendations (1)* from one of your STEM teacher(s). The letter of recommendation should contain specific comments about your individual achievements, your unique abilities in the areas of STEM; and how likely you are to pursue a career in STEM.
  5. Personal Essay which addresses the following questions: (1) How have STEM and STEM Fairs influenced your life? (2) Where will STEM take you in the future? (between 200-400 words)
  6. In order of preference, list all colleges or universities to which you have applied or intend to apply for admission. State whether your application has been accepted, rejected, or is pending.
  7. Please list your graduation date:
  8. Please share your intended college major and list ONE career interest.
  9. Complete and upload your Science Fair Participation Chart to outline every year since 7th grade during which you have participated in science fair activities beyond the school level.
  10. The number of monetary scholarships and grants depends upon the generosity of corporations and philanthropic organizations that contribute to Chicago Public Schools Student Science Fair, Inc. Available scholarships are subject to change. See the STEM Research Exhibition Website for updates and changes. Check any of the scholarships below for which you want to be considered. You must be accepted by the university in order to be awarded that scholarship.
  11. Is there any additional information that would like us to consider?
  12. Parents (check appropriate one)
  13. Describe your most recent STEM Research project.
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