Wentcher Foundation Scholarship

Organization & Scholarship Overview:
The Wentcher Foundation will award 80+ university scholarships to Chicago Public High School students graduating in June 2023. Scholarships are valued at up to $10,000 per year and may be renewed, for a total of up to $40,000 over four years. Wentcher Scholarships help students pursue bachelor’s degrees at accredited, nonprofit, Title IV eligible colleges and universities located in the United States. Scholarships will be paid directly to the institution where Wentcher Scholars enroll. Wentcher Scholarships provide funding for undergraduate tuition, room and board, required books and fees, and other approved expenses necessary to pursue collegiate education. The Wentcher Scholarship selection process evaluates applicants based on academic merit, character, and financial need.

Website: Wentcher Foundation
Application: Access Here
IMPORTANT NOTE: You must apply on the Wentcher Foundation’s website. Use the link above to apply today!
(You will be taken OUT of the Academic Works system to complete the application.)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to Chicago Public Schools seniors graduating in June 2023
  • Minimum 3.0 UNWEIGHTED GPA
  • (Optional) SAT/ACT score is no longer a requirement
  • Open to all students who are eligible to apply for and receive federal financial aid. Applications from US citizens, legal permanent residents, and FAFSA-eligible non-citizens will be considered. DACA students are not eligible to apply at this time. If you are not sure if you are eligible to receive federal financial aid, visit the Federal Student Aid website.

Required Documents:

  1. A transcript, uploaded by a post-secondary professional
  2. One (1) letter of recommendation uploaded by a teacher, counselor, or other professional qualified to comment on the applicant’s ability to succeed in college.
  3. Academic information (GPA, activities, achievements)
  4. FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR)
  5. Answers to two (2) short essay prompts

Scholarship Use Guidelines:

  • Wentcher Scholarships must be used at accredited, not-for-profit, Title IV eligible, U.S. schools for bachelor’s coursework.
  • Successful applicants may also receive other scholarships, awarded either by the educational institution or any other foundation. Scholarships may be awarded up to the point at which other scholarship, grant, or gift aid may be displaced (up to $10,000 per year.)

Open to DREAMers: No
Renewable: Yes. The Wentcher Foundation will support scholarship recipients who meet the foundation’s guidelines for up to four consecutive years of undergraduate education, totaling up to $40,000. Continued funding is dependent upon students’ maintaining academic eligibility and strength of character and behavior, as well as the foundation’s resources. Wentcher Scholars are required to submit official transcripts each semester to maintain eligibility for continued funding.
Questions? Please email info@wentcherfoundation.org

Up to $10,000 per year